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Sierra Leone Team

  • Kadiatu Kondeh
    Kadiatu KondehSL Coordinator
    • Paramount Chief Bona
      Paramount Chief BonaParamount Chief of Nimikoro Chiefdom
      • Tamba Matturi
        Tamba MatturiAssistant To Paramount Chief
        • Mariama Sow
          Mariama SowHead of Muddy Lotus Primary School
          • Abubakarr Sanccoh
            Abubakarr SanccohTeacher
            • Dauda Sidibay
              Dauda SidibayTeacher
              • Fatmata Sesay
                Fatmata SesayTeacher
                • Ibrahimson Sesay
                  Ibrahimson SesayTeacher
                  • Isatu Mansaray
                    Isatu MansarayTeacher
                    • Jebriela Mansaray
                      Jebriela MansarayTeacher
                      • Komba Nyandemoh
                        Komba NyandemohTeacher
                        • Michael Bangura
                          Michael BanguraTeacher
                          • Mohamed Kargbo
                            Mohamed KargboTeacher
                            • Mohamed Mansaray
                              Mohamed MansarayTeacher
                              • Sia Tommy
                                Sia TommyTeacher

                                7 Wise Men of Shine On's Family Support Program

                                • Sahr Steven Mbayoh
                                  Sahr Steven MbayohShine On Family Support Program
                                  • Sahr Labbie
                                    Sahr LabbieShine On Family Support Program
                                    • Paul Maningo
                                      Paul ManingoShine On Family Support Program
                                      • Kai Wuseni
                                        Kai WuseniShine On Family Support Program
                                        • Julius Ngoujah
                                          Julius NgoujahShine On Family Support Program
                                          • Jacob Sories
                                            Jacob SoriesShine On Family Support Program
                                            • Abubakarr Kamara
                                              Abubakarr KamaraShine On Family Support Program

                                              USA Team

                                              • Tiffany Persons
                                                Tiffany PersonsFounder
                                                • Dan Kelly
                                                  Dan KellyBoard Member
                                                  • David Angelo
                                                    David AngeloBoard Member
                                                    • Patrice Ablack
                                                      Patrice AblackBoard Member
                                                      • Selita Ebanks
                                                        Selita EbanksGlobal Ambassador
                                                        • Tara Smith
                                                          Tara SmithGlobal Ambassador
                                                          • Zoe Lewin
                                                            Zoe LewinDirector of Education
                                                            • Pellagia Gambiza
                                                              Pellagia GambizaSenior Ebola Response Manager
                                                              • Joanna Papa
                                                                Joanna PapaProgram Manager
                                                                • Cori Deterding
                                                                  Cori DeterdingDir. of Donor Relations
                                                                  • Fallon Wong
                                                                    Fallon WongIntern
                                                                    • Makenzie Taguchi
                                                                      Makenzie TaguchiIntern
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